About the Resistance Ranger Badges

On January 23, just a few days after inauguration day, the National Park Service was ordered to stop tweeting. The next day, the Badlands National Park Twitter account broke the imposed silence and tweeting facts about climate science. Within hours other "rogue" National Parks Twitter accounts had begun.

The next day, excited at the sudden resistance from the Park Service, and wanting to show solidarity (and raise some money & awareness), I had an idea:


So I started work on the Resistance Ranger badges. I contacted an illustrator whose work I love, JUDGE, to see if she would be interested in creating a graphic for the center of the badge. She was in, so I set to work

I was attending a conference the last weekend of January that had a small makerspace so I worked with another friend, Jason Gessner, to prepare the file for some test runs on the laser cutter. They worked, but they were going to need some more refinement to actually be production-ready.

Physical objects are hard, and I now have a small pile of rejected production proofs in my basement, each set representing a week turnaround, but finally in early March reached a point where the design & the wood & everything worked together exactly as I'd envisioned it.

I've been traveling to National Parks for a couple decades and truly believe they are "America's best idea." The incredible natural resources of the US have always needed protection but now, with an administration that is hostile to the entire concept of public lands, its more important than ever. 

Sales of the badges will benefit two organizations that are helping to protect our parks, our climate, and our country's national resources: the Sierra Club and Earthjustice. These organizations aren't affiliated with this project, I just think they're cool and would love to get some money to them.


Hi, I'm Dan Sinker. I have been working in and around politics and creative resistance for more than 20 years. I was the founder of the radical culture magazine Punk Planet, I am the co-host of the politics podcast Says Who, I was the author of the @MayorEmanuel twitter feed (and the book that followed), and in my day job I work with journalists and technologists. 

I also travel, a lot, and have spent countless hours enjoying the national parks. Its worth noting that my very favorite park in the entire US has always been Badlands National Park. It's incredible--you should go.